How SnoreLAB™ Works ?

SnoreLAB™  automatically detects snoring during sleep using built-in sensors. The SnoreLAB™  Pro 5.0 device will then use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate the throat muscles to contract and open, promoting smooth breathing and eliminating snoring and apneas throughout the whole night. EMS is totally painless and proven by science.

Has The Device Been Tested In Clinical Trials?

Yes! SnoreLAB™  has been tested and verified by third party analysts. Both empirical and clinical studies have been carried out to demonstrate its reliability and effectiveness.

Does this Work For Side Sleepers & Mouth Breathers?

Designed for everyone - it works for all types of snorers. The SnoreLAB™  Pro 5.0 device with our Free snoring tracking app - Sleeplus will automatically detect snoring during sleep using built-in sensors. As soon as you are snoring, it will use a muscle stimulation technique to stop your snoring. Sleep on your side, breathe through your mouth or nose, it's just as effective.