Save your Marriage – Resolving Sleep and Snoring Issues

Anyone who has ever slept in the same room or house with a person who snores apparently knows it can interrupt his or her sleep. According to the poll carried out by National sleep foundation, forty-one percent of respondents rated their partner’s snoring as having a big effect on their ability to get a good night’s sleep. The bed partner snoring statistics shows that up to fifty-nine percent of people report that their partners snore in bed, twenty-three percent of couples sleep in separate beds, over one-third of couples report disharmony within the relationship due to snoring, one hour of sleep per night is typically lost from the snorer’s partner, he/he may wake up as twenty-one times per hour. The most common reason for couples sleeping separately is snoring.

Sleeping and snoring issues have effects on marriages because second-hand snoring can bring about the loss of sleep to the bed partner thereby leading to daytime sleeping problems which consequently leads to disharmony between the partners. According to 2003 research bed partners of snorers may be exposed to hearing loss induced by noise. This causes a sleeping partner’s blood pressure to increase in relation to the noise. Therefore, couples are resorting to sleeping in separate bedrooms and have even designed their homes to accommodate the noise produced by their snoring partner. You can save your marriage or relationship today by stopping snoring.

Many couples overlook stopping their partners snoring without knowing it can restore health and harmony for both. Studies show that when sleep apnea or snoring of one partner is treated, the bed partner’s sleep quality increases bringing about better health. Another study showed that immediately symptoms of sleep apnea were treated, their partner’s efficiency in sleeping is increased by thirteen percent. When the snoring is resolved another study showed that the partner’s mood, daytime alertness, quality of life and personal relationship with the snore is improved when the snoring is resolved.

So to say, for you to save your marriage, you have to talk to your partner about the seventy of the problem and tell him or her need to go see a physician or dentist trained to recognize and treat snoring and sleep apnea problem. However, when the snorer is a guy there may be denial, and if she’s a woman there might be an embarrassment. Before you seek to treat snoring endeavor not to rule out any sleeping breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea because that could be the causing agent of the snoring. The reason for this also is that treating only the symptom of snoring in an individual with sleep apnea can be extremely dangerous. You can also save your marriage with your partner by the application of oral appliance therapy. This has the potential to provide you and your bed partner with the serene, Magnum silence sleep necessary to sleep as couples.

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