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We've challenged the Status Quo and brought you the The Most Advanced Non-Invasive Anti-Snore device.....ever

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 No mask. No hose. No stripe

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Rated as the most most comfortable and effective Snoring & OSA solution

89% Of Sleep Partners Report No Snoring

Eliminate snoring for you and your partner

Instant Snore Relief

Engineered to effectively prevent snoring, so that you can enjoy a healthy sleep every night. 

Most Advanced Snore Device Available

Snore Stopping Power, Self-Learning Artificial Intelligence, Tracking App. Effective, Comfortable, Light & Portable


Emilie Frank

My husband ordered this because his snoring is so bad that I cant sleep. The sound of him snoring away as Im trying to sleep has left me bitter and angry. After reaching my breaking point, he was banished to the couch. He had tried other anti-snoring devices such as breathe right strips, which were useless and a waste of money. One day I got a text notification that this device was on its way and once again Im irritated because I dont ever sleep and hes throwing more money at something that probably is not going to work. Well let me tell you that this thing is amazing. It. WORKS. The first night he used it; I slept ALL NIGHT! He woke up and said that he slept very well but did complain of his teeth hurting because of the mouth piece. He considered this a small price to pay for being able to sleep in our bed again. He has been using it for 2 months now and it has been wonderful and the tooth discomfort has diminished with time. No more snoring. None. I dont usually review products unless they are super bad or amazing. THIS product is AMAZING. If you snore and are killing your partner slowly by depriving them of sleep, then you need this. It will save your relationship and probably keep you from being kicked constantly by the person who hates your snoring. Buy this. You both need to get some sleep.

Lewis Todd

I dont take the time out to write reviews but I tried everything else to stop snoring and to be honest all I know is that my girlfriend stop sleeping stop waking me up in middle of the to feel me to get in my side and is very happy that she knows gets a full night of sleep and sometimes I dont put it in I fall a sleep without she wake me up Ill put it in and she says I stop so it might not work for everyone but it worked for me and my girl is happy Im happy......

Maria Holmes

I have spent the last few years buying every anti snoring device known to man so that I could actually get more than 3 hours of sleep per night due to my husbands snoring, from pillows to a sleep apnea machine ( neither were comfortable for my husband) and NOTHING has worked until I purchased this simple MOUTH GUARD! I really only bought it because it was so cheap and thought well what do I have to lose? IT WORKS SO GOOD!!!! My husband was actually QUIET, and COMFORTABLE!!! Im still in shock!


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1.Comfortable & Effective Snoring & OSA Solution

CPAP machines are effective - but many customers complained of the oversized mask and annoying tubes, not to mention the sound of the fans. With SnoreLAB™, you can sleep in any direction comfortably


2.Ultra Portable - Bring It Anywhere!

Designed for convenience - It's the perfect solution for all types of travel due to its compact size.


3.Rechargeable Battery

SnoreLAB™ is rechargeable and each full battery charge lasts for multiple nights.


4.Sleep Tracking Functionality

SnoreLAB™ is rechargeable and each full battery charge lasts for multiple nights.


5.Premium Quality Materials

SnoreLAB™ is made from the most advanced materials on the market today. They've been selected for one reason - performance. It's robust and durable, quite the opposite to the products available on the market today which are manufactured to be disposable



Place the adhesive pad under your chin .Turn on the SnoreLAB & attach it to adhesive pad ,Enjoy a restful &quiet sleep

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