Snore Lab© Anti-Snoring Devices

 As we all know, snoring has become a confusing issue for people all over the world and more and more people are perplexed about this issue and caused lots of tragic cases.

According to the data, 0%-40% of people suffer from varying degrees of snoring. This not only affects the quality of sleep of bed partners, but also the health of the snorer.

The reason of snoring is that Snoring is caused by flaccid muscles of the throat, which blacked the airway and cause the airway too narrow then the oxygen you inhale is not enough and not smoothly.

As snoring is not only bother others’ rest but a serious disease. Some even die of asphyxia, so people from worldwide are increasingly concentrating on this severe issue.

There’re many kinds of anti snoring devicesin the market such as anti snoring pillow and ventilator snore, but they’re only focusing on how to avoid bothering others but not for snorers health.Now our products are focusing on not only stop snoring and bothering others but paying attention to our health.

Our first product is that Snore Lab© Anti-Snoring Doctor 3.0 PRO Smart Biological Pulse.It has been tested by more than 60 snorers at the Southern University of Science and Technology By using TENS technology to stimulate the respiratory muscles, it has been proved to effectively reduce the number of snores and even stop snoring altogether, allowing you to sleep peacefully!

Medical test results show that the Snore Earset E4 plays an important role in reducing snoring, improving quality of sleep, and reducing sleep apnea!

The magnetic electrode patch is made of medical material and features hypo-allergenic and high adhesive properties. It is comfortable to wear, secure and does not fall off easily.

The second is that Snore Lab© GEN 3 PLUS Smart Earset For Peaceful Sleep:

The GEN 3 PLUS accurately detects snoring and intervenes by emitting gentle micro vibrations (36 levels ranging from weak to strong). The brain responds by driving the muscles of the throat to contract and open the airway, making breathing easier.

Core Technology :

- Sound recognition and bone conduction technology accurately detect snoring;

- Automatic physical intervention (36 levels) and patented anti-snoring algorithm;

- Food-grade silicone material and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable fit;

- Independently developed app provides intuitive analysis of sleep and snoring data;

     The last is the Snore Lab© Sleep Manager V3+ Smart Sleep Apnea Monitor. Sleep Apnea Monitor uses medical-grade sensors to measure and track airflow as you sleep. Our patented AI algorithm helps store, process, and analyze data, which is then presented to users as a professional sleep analysis report.

Sleepbreathe has proven to be equal in accuracy to PSG machines while being far more affordable, compact and easy to use.

These are our 3 boutique products, they are all hi-tech products, we need our mobile devices to download the monitoring APP and use it.

Besides these devices, you also need to keep fit, because overweight is more likely than those who has a health body; Do not drink or drink little alcohol before you go to bed; smoking is pretty bad for your breathe, so if you want to protect your physical body and stop snoring, avoid smoking!

These are some advice about prevent snoring, I hope everyone who are confused about snoring or have other issues about health can be solved.

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